About Me!

Hi there! I’m Emily,I live in a small town next to lake Michigan, it’s extremely beautiful here!  I love music, baseball, gaming and baking. If were going to be completely honest I’m totally not normal! (but that’s totally fine with me)  I mostly write about how I’m feeling/felt and how to becoming a better version of myself.

I live to be a better version of myself everyday, of course I fail (a lot) but I try to give it my best shot everyday. I try not to judge but it’s very hard not to when thats what the world pushs you to do, but I’ve tried to find ways see past that and just working on being better to those around me.


Much Love. xx

If you want to see what I’m up to often follow me here:  emmaraeanderson

If you want to see what I’m loving check here: emmachef32

If you were curious how my life looks, look here: emmarae32


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