Finding Inspiration in Everyday

I find that I draw inspiration/happiness from so many things everyday. It’s something that I come to look forward to every time I wake up. (well after the shock of annoyance when the alarm goes off) I can pretty much find inspiration in anything from trees to a quote to a shirt.

Right now I’m on my way to Muskegon, Mi to go Christmas shopping with my mom and grandma. That in its self is an inspiration for me,  but as we drive along there are these beautiful turning autumn trees. They bring such a calming peace to me, and in that it reminds me that everything changes and it’s okay. Not everything changes with such img_5213grace and beauty but seeing that everyone changes is beauty. Inspiration for me doesn’t mean I’m going to sit down and write or create something tangible but sometimes it means that I’m re-motivated to continue Pilates or read that book or choose to be happy.

I love finding happiness which is also drawn from finding inspiration and vice versa. As a result of that I look for things that bring me happiness if I need some inspiration and when I’m feeling down I look for the things that bring me inspiration. Finding these things is so simple, you just look around or you listen to something or you taste that piece of cake
sitting there.

If you look up from this post and find one thing around you that brings you some happiness, you’re there you’ve done it. I’m not saying you have to have a ear to ear smile but that sort of calm/happy feeling.  If you didn’t, then find something to listen to that you know with make you feel happy. Or you drink some hot chocolate/whatever you love.

It’s really not that hard you just have to chose to find the happiness. You could be like me and look at trees and find your inspiration or you might need something more than that. Whatever you have found or will find I hope you truly enjoy.


XOXO Emily

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