They’re great

Since I was little I’ve looked up to three males in my life, there are my grandpa, uncle and big brother. Is it strange to have some of most important role models in my life are three males? I’m not sure but I do know I’ve learned some very important lessons from them.

My grandpa is amazing he taught me how to forgive, there are tough times but you can get through them, and honesty is the best.

My uncle taught me that everyone is important so don’t judge based on looks, you can be happy even through sad times and that family is always there for you.

My brother taught me that love is hard but good, that you can have fun but we all grow up a little, and that being yourself is better than being who everyone else wants you to be.

Of course I’ve learned more than this but these are the things I carry with me every day to be a better me and hopefully as great as they are.

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