Having to be an introvert?

I am most defiantly a extrovert, I love being with people and talking with people. I love listening and learning about people. It’s hard for me to think about being put somewhere where I won’t have much “people” time. For me being with people is everything, it lets me be me.

IMG_1512.PNG Being an extrovert I love being able to have conversations with people. Whether those conversations are about what they had for lunch or why they are sad. I also love being around kids, I love being able to see them grow and hear about their school day or what their favorite tv show is. Part of all of these conversations you can see what makes them truly happy, and it’s great! To see the way my cousin light up when she talks about Niall Horan from One Direction, to see my Uncle’s smile crinkles (lines) when he talks about his time in Jamaica or when my mom gets really into a story she’ll use her hands to try to explain what’s happening. These little things I’ve noticed has come from being an extrovert and wanting to learn/notice the small things they do that make them completely them. Because when you learn the small things about people your able to understand them and talk to them.

If I were an introvert I’m sure I’d notice these things but would I care as much, or take this time to look and make sure they knew I was listening? That I wanted to know what happened in Jamaica or hear about Niall’s knee surgery or what each hand moment is supposed to mean. I feel like being put up somewhere where there isn’t much people to people interactions isn’t going to allow me to be me. I feel like I’m going to be pushed into this introvert person that I’m not.

All in all I just want to know that I can still be 100% me and feel like 100% me. Me who’s crazy and will sing random verses when someone makes me think of a song. Me who can stay in a British accent because I somehow always turn southern. Me who thinks that eating pizza won’t get boring. Last of all me who thinks human interaction is fun, I love getting to know people and finding what makes them, them.

Somehow I will still find a way to be me, whether it being making everyone listen to my crap British accent or playing One Direction until someone hits me. I will always find always to be me!

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