Every Other Thursday

“Oh no! Mother’s Day is soon!” I said out loud, instead to myself. My mom overheard me and told me that she would love a blog post dedicated to her, so here it is. (early, sorry mom!) This is for my wonderful and somehow patience mother! 

Every other Thursday day I love my mom, or at least that’s what I told her a couple weeks back. We were having a normal conversation and something was said about how I love her, and the first thing that popped in my head was “No, I only love you every other Thursday!” Which isn’t true because I always love my mom. I mean really she’s in my phone under “Mommy”, how could I not love her?!

When I got mad when I was a teenager (yes I’m only 19, maybe that still counts) I would attempt to ignore/give the silent treatment. If you know me you know that I don’t like to stop talking, so this was always hard for me to do. I’m not even sure if she knows I attempted to do this! Hiding myself away in my bedroom seemed like a good way to stay on my silence treatment but, I always gave in pretty quickly because something would be said to me or I would remember something “important” to tell her.

These “fights” usually happened right after school, so after the “fights” when she came to say goodnight I would usually try to tell her that I love her and tell her I was sorry for fighting and being a “problem child”. I’m not actually sure any one of us three kids was a big “problem child”, Ben and I were both somewhat difficult children, then there was Fran who was a good child.

Us three kids are so very different, and my mom somehow has been able to handle us and provide us with an amazing role model. I’ve been blessed with having a great family to look up to, from my grandpa to my big brother. I’m also lucky enough to live about 7-10 miles from all of them, which allows me to see everyone a lot! I hear stories told a lot about my mom’s childhood, which help show that my mom was a kid at some point and made some of the same mistakes as I have.

My moms best “mistakes” as people will call this, (I don’t think it was) was having sex before marriage with Ben and I’s father. From that she had Benjamin first (20) at 18 (I think) and then me  (19) at 19. For me to even imagine the stress she had to go through being my age and having a 1 year old and a baby is incredible.

Being 19 now, I cannot imagine being pregnant or even having a child. She graduated high school 2 months before she had Ben, pretty sure she worked part time when she had me and managed to come home and take care of us. She did have some help from her mom, dad, siblings because at that point we lived in my grandmas basement.

When I was 1 yr and 8 months she married my step-dad. Then when I was about 4 they had Francesca, so then there was three kids, to take care of. Having Ben and I when she was 18/19 she didn’t have time to go to college, so around my freshman year my mom went to college for her associates degree. She had a sophomore, freshman and 5th grader. Yet she managed to successfully take care of us and go to college. There were times when each one of us kids were upset that she went back, because we didn’t get as much mom time but we knew it was good for her. When she graduated I was so proud, I’m sure I didn’t really tell her but it’s really cool!

She’s been an amazing mom despite all of our fights, and she wasn’t perfect but she doesn’t need to be. She has 3 kids and each one of us are special and very loved by her and I couldn’t ask for a better mom. She’s never doubted me and has always encouraged me to do what I want.

When I was having second thoughts about my hair she told me that I should do it if it’s what I wanted. She never told me that she thought it was a bad idea or that I will look bad. I was having second thoughts about saving for Bali, but she’s encouraged me to keep saving and wait to see about the deposit to decided if I wanted!

My mom is amazing, beautiful, wonderful and I love her so much! I’m glad she’s the woman I call her mom!

So, every other Thursday I will make sure I tell her I love her!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Jill Skridulis says:

    Awww! You are such a beautiful blessing Emily. I love watching you live your life.

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